nerdy love songs

I’m going to give you my top six nerdy love songs, complete with honorable mentions, and why they are considered “nerdy.” (Some are more obvious than others.) Feel free to tell me your favorite nerdy love songs (or just your favorite love songs in general) in the comments. I wanted to do this because I relate the most to nerdy love songs, and I’m sure that some of you do, too.

Let’s start with number six and work our way forward.

6. Don’t Leave by Ministry of Magic
I think that if you didn’t know that this song was written for a wrock (wizard rock) band, you wouldn’t understand why this is nerdy. It is. I like that it’s sweet but not overly sentimental or obviously written. It has the references, sure, but it could be enjoyed without knowing what genre it was for. The voices are clear; the lyrics are good; the guys are cute; the video is pretty. I approve.

5. Indigo by Tom Milsom
I think this is the one that I’m going to have to defend the most. I don’t know how many artist friends that you have (hello, reader, I will directly address you now), but I’ve got a few; this song is like color theory combined with emotions.  It’s cute. I mean, I want to see only Indigo when I’m in love. Maybe. And I just like Tom… and the trumpet. I have no other reasons behind why I like this song.

4. Nerdy Girls Need Love, Too by Riseofthenerdygirl88
Every nerdy reference that I would ever think of putting in a song is here. Seriously. And the title is true. We nerdy girls do deserve love, too.

3. Mario Kart Love Song by Sam Hart
This song is just adorable. It’s cheesy in all the best ways, but it shows that through Mario Kart references. It’s a love song written with video game analogy; what is more nerdy than that?

I’ve got a tie for number one, mostly because I just love these guys. I wish we could be friends. And the songs are freaking adorable, but completely different styles, so it’s hard to choose between them. I have all their albums (yes, for both of them), and follow them on twitter and YouTube, and I can safely say that they are just great all-around musicians.

Hey Molly by Mike Lombardo

There are references to Halo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, math class, living with mom, comic books, YouTube, Cats, rubik’s cubes, Warcraft, and the music of Zelda. Plus, he had to write the song for a songwriting class. (A nerdy-awesome class, in my opinion.) He’s adorable, and I love his voice. I always like a good piano rocker. When the song is over, I sort of wish that I was named Molly.

Less Than Three by Eddplant
The entire thing is about an internet relationship, and the chorus is based on an emoticon. I think that qualifies it as nerdy. Or maybe I just want it to be nerdy. Regardless, I pretty much love this song. It’s freaking adorable. (And hey, there’s Tom Milsom on the drums and keyboard.) I know that it’s a bit more… rock than the rest of these have been, but that’s good. Nerdy love songs transcend genres. I’m rambling. I hope you enjoy it!


Honorable Mentions:
Zombie Love song by yourfavoritemartian
Adult Female by Hank Green
Chemical Love by Charlie McDonnell
Geek Like Me by The Wonderstrucks

2 thoughts on “nerdy love songs”

  1. How can you have this list without Geeks in Love by Lemon Demon at leas tin the honorable mentions? Love the songs but can’t have a nerdy love song list without that in there someone where.

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